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2009/2010: 6 mos. that shook the world

Politico looks at how the overall landscape has changed in the past six months: "[T]he possibilities GOP officials now imagine are a dramatic shift from the bleak prospects that the 2010 midterm elections presented for the party at the beginning of the year."

Video: Vice President Joe Biden was in Philadelphia to announce an aid package for police departments in need of financial help. But not all departments will be getting the money they need. Msnbc.com's Keva Andersen reports.

NEW JERSEY: Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder were supposed to appear in New Jersey yesterday to tout "stimulus money going to law enforcement agencies across the country. They moved the event, however, to Philadelphia at the last minute. "The vice president's office said Philadelphia was chosen because 'it was the most convenient and central location for all the principals.'" NJ Gov. Corzine appeared with a bevy of other elected officials, including PA Gov. Ed Rendell, DE Gov. Jack Markell, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. At the event, Biden asked voters to give stimulus programs "18 months to two years" before "making a final judgment."  and