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U.S. revokes Honduran diplomatic visas

From NBC's Libby Leist

The State Department said this afternoon it has revoked the diplomatic visas of four members of Roberto Micheletti's de facto government in Honduras.

The U.S. is trying to pressure Micheletti and ousted President Manuel Zelaya to come to an agreement that would allow Zelaya to return to Honduras and then move to elections down the road.

Spokesman Ian Kelly told reporters that the U.S. recognizes Zelaya as the leader in Honduras and this move is in keeping with that.

"It is part of our overall policy towards the de facto regime," Kelly said.

Video: The family of ousted Honduras leader Manuel Zelaya is unable to leave the Central American country. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports. 

 The four Hondurans, who have had their U.S. diplomatic visas revoked by the Obama administration, were members of the Zelaya government prior to Zelaya's ouster on June 28. They have since stayed on with Micheletti.

Statement below from spokesman Ian Kelly:

The Department of State is currently reviewing the diplomatic (A) visas of individuals who are members of the de facto regime in Honduras, as well as the derivative visas for family members of these individuals.  We have already revoked diplomatic visas issued to four such individuals who received their diplomatic visas in connection with positions held prior to June 28 under the Zelaya administration, but who now serve the de facto regime.