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Blue Dogs: 2001 vs. 2009

From NBC's Mark Murray
In his New York Times column today, Paul Krugman asks this question: Where were the Blue Dogs' cries for fiscal responsibility in 2001, when Congress passed Bush's $1.35 trillion tax cut (which wasn't paid for by other offsets)?

Well, it's worth noting that 19 current Blue Dogs served in the House back then. Six of them -- including Mike Ross

, the Arkansas congressman who has become the Blue Dog's point person on health care -- voted FOR the Bush tax cut's final passage.

But another nine voted AGAINST the tax cut, and four didn't vote.

Here's the full breakdown:
Blue Dogs who voted FOR the 2001 tax cut (Bart Gordon, Jim Matheson, Dennis Moore, Collin Peterson, Mike Ross, Adam Schiff)
Blue Dogs who voted AGAINST (Marion Berry, Leonard Boswell, Jane Harman, Baron Hill, Earl Pomeroy, Loretta Sanchez, John Tanner, Gene Taylor, Mike Thompson)
Blue Dogs who didn't vote (Joe Baca, Sanford Bishop, Allen Boyd, Mike McIntyre)