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Todd gets left behind

From NBC's Norah O'Donnell

Sarah Palin not only left her perch in the governor's office; she also left behind her husband Todd after yesterday's ceremony in Fairbanks.

After swearing in the new governor, Palin made a quick exit with daughter Piper and son Trigg in tow. She jumped in a Chevy Silverado twin cab driven by her security detail.

Todd Palin followed just seconds behind, and was left struggling to avoid a phalanx of cameras. The problem: His family had already left.

Video: Rachel Maddow reports on Sarah Palin's farewell speech, in which she blasted the media and its compulsive obsession with the families of Alaska governors.

After reviewing our camera tape, you can hear someone ask, "No car for Todd?" Then Todd, the former First Dude, laughs and says, "They left me."