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DSCC links Palin to Ayotte, Crist

From NBC's Mark Murray
A brand-new Web ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is tying Sarah Palin's upcoming resignation as Alaska governor to Kelly Ayotte giving up her position as New Hampshire attorney general to explore a Senate bid.

It also ties Palin's resignation to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to run for the Senate.

But there's one BIG difference between Ayotte/Crist and Palin: Ayotte and Crist are officially (or close to it) running for a different office. We don't know yet if Palin will run for president.

The Web ad, however, is clearly another sign that Democrats are going to try to link Palin to other Republican politicians.


*** UPDATE *** The National Republican Senatorial Committee reminds its Democratic counterpart than Barack Obama once pledged to serve his full six-year term in the Senate. The Chicago Sun-Times: "Ridiculing it as 'a silly question,' Democrat Barack Obama pledged Wednesday he would resist any overtures to run for president or vice president before the end of his six-year term as a U.S. senator. 'I was elected yesterday,' Obama said. 'I have never set foot in the U.S. Senate. I've never worked in Washington. And the notion that somehow I'm immediately going to start running for higher office just doesn't make sense.   "So look, I can unequivocally say I will not be running for national office in four years, and my entire focus is making sure that I'm the best possible senator on behalf of the people of Illinois.'"