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Another only in DC moment...

From NBC's Mike Viqueira

Capitol Police have shut down the Capitol Rotunda due to a protest group, numbering about three dozen who have lied down.

They were chanting, "Clean needles save lives."

*** UPDATE *** There were 26 demonstrators arrested -- 15 males, 11 females -- in the Capitol Rotunda and charged with Unlawful Assembly, Disorderly Conduct Loud and Boisterous.

More context... There were about 30 AIDS activists who lied down in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, chanting, "Clean needles save lives."

The Rotunda, normally full of tourists at this time of day, in this time of year, was cleared by the Capitol Police, who then began to handcuff the protesters and lead them away.

A flyer handed out by an individual, who was with the protesters but standing amongst the press, indicated that the group "decried the Obama administration's failure to make good on a range of AIDS campaign promises," including a pledge to lift a federal ban on funding syringe exchanges. They demand that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rectify what they see as an oversight in Congress.