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WH touts Wal-Mart health-care letter

From NBC's Athena Jones
At today's White House briefing, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs highlighted the Wal-Mart letter in support of an employer mandate, calling it an important development and a "pretty big mindset change" from the nation's largest employer. He mentioned Wal-Mart three times.

He also discussed jobless numbers and said he had stated last week that unemployment would hit 10% this month or next month (although we recall him and the president talking about joblessness reaching 10%, we don't recall them having put a timetable on it.)

Gibbs was asked about the 60 votes AlĀ Franken now gives Dems in the Senate and about troop levels in Afghanistan.

He said President Obama spoke earlier with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about the issues they're going to discuss in the upcoming summit in Moscow, including the reduction of nuclear weapons.

There was a bit of a back and forth about the way the audience and questions were chosen for the health-care town hall in Annandale, Va., which is going on now.

Gibbs was also asked about the CIA interrogation memos, Iran, Honduras and got various questions on health care, including one about what the administration can do to make the policy-making more open. Obama during the campaign said it would be done publicly; Gibbs did not have a real answer to that question.