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Obama agenda: Pitching for health care

President Obama "is taking his pitch for health care revisions to Virginia, holding a town hall forum and fielding questions via the Internet."

Mitch Stewart, director of Organizing for America, told reporters in a conference call today that it will be up to the president's supporters to pressure lawmakers into action on health care, NBC's James Rankin notes. "One of the roles that we think we're uniquely positioned to play as the president's grassroots operation is to draw a very direct line from what's happening in Washington D.C. to local communities across the country," Stewart said.

The Boston Globe profiles "the face of the insurance industry in Washington." The Globe describes her as "a slight, soft-spoken former AFL-CIO employee benefits director with a penchant for data-driven logic. She has the confidence and intellectual agility of a skilled debater, but prefers to dwell on areas of agreement. On healthcare, Karen Ignagni often sounds like the lifelong Democrat that she is… It is no accident that Ignagni is the chief executive of America's Health Insurance Plans, the main health insurance lobby, at a time when a popular new Democratic president is planning a sweeping healthcare overhaul. Insurance executives believe this may be a life-or-death moment: If Congress creates the strong government insurance option that liberals want, insurers say they would be unable to compete and would eventually go out of business."

The AP notes that U.S. involvement in Iraq did not end yesterday and will continue for many years. Obama said yesterday, "Iraq's future is in the hands of its own people. And Iraq's leaders must now make some hard choices necessary to resolve key political questions."