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Dems put pressure on T-Paw, Coleman

From NBC's Mark Murray
Not surprisingly, Democrats are now putting pressure on Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty

to certify Al Franken as the winner in Minnesota, and on Norm Coleman to bow out of the race.

Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said: "We've always said that Norm Coleman deserved his day in court, and he got eight months. Now we expect Gov. Pawlenty to do the right thing, follow the law, and sign the election certificate."

Added DNC Chairman Tim Kaine: "Norm Coleman should concede and Gov. Pawlenty should sign the election certificate which Al Franken is entitled to."

And here's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: "I once again encourage Gov. Pawlenty to respect the votes of his constituents and the decisions of his state's highest court. He should put politics aside, follow his state's laws and finally sign the certificate that will bring this episode to an end."