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Boehner hits Dems on health, energy

From NBC's Luke Russert

In his weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, House Minority Leader John Boehner attacked Democrats on the issue of spending, saying: "They are running over us. They are in such a rush to spend the American people's money that they won't allow us to offer cost cutting amendments to reduce spending in these bills."

On the topic of health care, Boehner claimed that the Democratic plan for universal coverage would balloon into the trillions. "All the proposals we have seen on health care are going to cost somewhere between a trillion and two trillion dollars on new taxes on the American people to spend more on health care."

Boehner also chided President Obama for what he saw as "backtracking on his claim that Americans can keep the coverage that they have." This had to do with Obama saying on ABC that he won't sign a law mandating for employers what plans their employees must have. Hence, Republicans fear employers will automatically opt for the public/government plan.
Boehner, moreover, criticized Democrats for not including medical malpractice reform within their bill, arguing that Democrats "worship at the alter of the trial bar." Boehner also displayed his inner punditry by declaring: "If there isn't a bipartisan health-care plan moving into Congress, it is not likely to happen this year. I just don't think in the United States Senate, you can get a bill through there on a partisan basis that Americans will support."

Finally, Boehner said the Democratic plan for energy reform -- that's expected to hit the House floor on Friday -- would result in a loss of jobs. When asked about a Congressional Budget Office report noting that the House bill would cost American families $173 more a year, not the $3,100 he claimed in a press conference last week, Boehner said: "What is clear in the CBO score is that every American household is going to pay more."