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MoveOn goes after DiFi on health care

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Yesterday, we alerted you of an attack press release from AFSCME pres. Gerald McEntee against Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, regarding her Sunday comments that the votes weren't there for health care just yet.

Today, MoveOn unveiled a TV ad, which they claim is airing in the state's major markets for the next week, targeting Feinstein on this issue.

Watch the ad here...

Script follows:

"California voters sent Senator Dianne Feinstein to Washington to fight for us. That includes fighting to pass President Obama's health care plan. A recent poll shows that 71% of California voters want a significant overhaul of the health care system now.

But Feinstein has been dragging her heels, saying health care may just be too "difficult."

News flash Senator: We don't expect you to lead just on the easy issues.  

Senator Feinstein, please: Fight for California. Fight for President Obama's health care reform now MoveOn.org Political Action is responsible for the content of this advertising."