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GOP questions Sebelius on health care

From NBC's Winston Wilde
Republican members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee wanted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

to promise this morning that the president demands his broad health care overhaul will not add to the deficit.

Rep. Joe Barton asked Sebelius: "I want to establish on the record: there'll be no increase in the deficit?" 

To which Sebelius assured: "That's what the President has stated: it will be paid for."

Sebelius echoed that she shared the President's philosophy: "Protect what works, and fix what's broken," she said. She also said in her testimony that the president has already pinpointed inefficiencies in the current health-care system from which about $950 billion in revenue can be generated over the next decade.

Video: Senate Democrats have reportedly cut about $400 billion off their health care proposal, bringing the $1.6 trillion price tag under $1.2 trillion. Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, discusses how this is still more than most lawmakers are willing to spend.

Many Republican members remained skeptical that these funds could finance the lofty health-care reforms proposed in the House's draft legislation. 

Sebelius cautioned that she is still waiting on the Congressional Budget Office score report that would actually put a number on how much the proposed health-care legislation would cost.