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DiFi warned not to DE-fy on health care

From NBC's Chuck Todd
Earlier in the "First Thoughts" update, we hinted about how politically treacherous it can be to cross the Democratic Party campaign apparatus that is supporting the president on health care reform. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is finding out the hard way.

Here's that previously referenced release put out by AFSCME pres. Gerald McEntee, who has been keeping somewhat of a low profile these last few months. It was a rocket.

From the release:

"Senator Feinstein's comments today take the discussion of health care reform in the wrong direction. Fixing our health care system simply can't wait. The millions of Americans who pay too much and still don't get the care they need can't wait. And the economy can't wait. To fix the economy we must fix health care."  

"It is clear to every American that our health care system is in crisis. The cost of coverage is out of sight and getting worse. Health care is the single biggest drag on our nation and we cannot fix the economy without fixing health care. The debate has long since moved beyond the question of whether to reform our health care system – we have to fix health care this year.

"Every senator should ask themselves how they can help make quality, affordable health care for all a reality. AFSCME agrees with the President that by giving Americans a choice of insurance plans, including a public health insurance option, we can help lower costs and keep the insurance industry honest."  

Sen. Feinstein, what say you?