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Obama agenda: Focusing on health care

Today, Obama will "meet with a bipartisan group of governors who co-hosted regional forums on health reform earlier this year. They include Democrats Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Jim Doyle of Wisconsin and Christine Gregoire of Washington, and Republicans Jim Douglas of Vermont and Mike Rounds of South Dakota," the AP reports. "The White House says the meeting will serve as a forum for the governors to share what they learned and discuss the health care overhaul and skyrocketing health care costs."

"For President Barack Obama, the MRIs and other medical scans for Medicare patients that cost the government billions are prime targets for cuts to help finance health care overhaul," the AP adds. "The response from physicians and industry: a lobbying counterattack accusing Obama of denying patients the lifesaving tools they need. Patients, rural doctors and advocacy groups who back the procedures will gather in the House Wednesday for a panel discussion, part of the campaign. The industry spearheaded a bipartisan letter to Obama from 57 House members objecting to the cuts. It has staged events in North Carolina and other states where senators face re-election next year. And it is using a Web site and newspaper ads to encourage people to complain to Congress about the proposal."

Video: President Obama explains that proposed health care reform legislation 'must and will get paid for' while preserving what is best about the current American health care system.

Politico: "As Senate Democratic leaders voiced increasing skepticism about reaching a bipartisan health care compromise, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and a high-powered delegation of administration officials huddled with key Democratic senators on Capitol Hill Tuesday. The aim, according to one participant, was to 'compare notes' as pressure builds on the administration's goal of passing a health care bill this year with support from both sides of the aisle.

Politico: "Amid all its other budget woes, the Obama administration now estimates it will need $20 billion in new savings or revenues to shore up the finances for the highway trust fund until after the 2010 elections."

On his smoking, the New York Post ribs the president with this headline: "Inhale to the chief."

Video: At a news conference Tuesday, President Barack Obama admitted that he sometimes falls off the wagon in his struggle to stop smoking. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

Obama will finally throw out that first pitch -- and it's at the All Star Game in St. Louis on July 14. "The appearance is part of a one-day, two-stop tour that will take him to the presidential battleground states of Michigan and Missouri. Obama's first appearance will be in Detroit, where he will hold a 'town hall' style meeting."