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RNC again goes after cap-and-trade

From NBC's Alex Beinstein
While Vice President Biden visited Perrysburg, Ohio, to promote the administration's green jobs initiative, Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) blasted President Obama's cap-and-trade proposal today on a Republican National Committee Conference call.

Latta argued that Democrats are insensitive about potential job losses, because they haven't gone out and talked to the people.

"I have talked to people at the gas pump and the grocery stores," he said, as evidence for his understanding of their energy concerns.

He also took his shots at California congressional Democrats -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi

and Rep. Henry Waxman

(D-CA), who has been shepherding the energy bill. Latta charged that they don't understand the effects the cap-and-trade legislation -- which he and other congressional Republicans continually call "cap-and-tax" -- because they come from what would be the the eighth least-affected state by it. Latta, on the other hand, would come from the eighth most affected one. 

He was citing a study from the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, from which he added that electricity costs would go up 90% by 2035 and gas prices would go up 58%. In turn he said this will lead to an additional 2.47 million people losing manufacturing jobs.

This is a similar tack used by congressional Republicans, particularly Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), during their weekly news conferences on Capitol Hill.