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HCAN presses for a public option

From NBC's Mark Murray
Health Care for America Now (HCAN), the liberal-leaning group that's pushing for reforming the nation's health system, is spending $1.1 million on a new TV ad touting a public/government option to compete against private health insurance.


The ad -- which comes as the Senate Finance Committee released the outline of a plan that doesn't include a public/government option -- will run in 10 states represented by senators who could be key votes: Arkansas (Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor), Delaware (Tom Carper), Florida (Bill Nelson), Iowa (Chuck Grassley), Louisiana (Mary Landrieu), Maine (Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe), New Mexico (Tom Udall), North Carolina (Kay Hagan), Oregon (Ron Wyden), and Washington (Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray).

The script:
What if we stripped away the 13 billion dollar insurance company profits?
The 119 million dollar CEO bonuses? 
The endless denials.
The soaring co-pays and premiums?
You'd have health care between you and your doctor – that's the President's plan. Keep the coverage you have now.
Or choose from a range of plans
Including a public health insurance option to lower costs and keep insurance companies honest
Tell your Senators – It's your health. It should be your choice.