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GOP watch: Interns run for the hills?

"Interns for embattled Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) are apparently jumping ship in the wake of his acknowledgment that he had an affair with a former staffer. In an e-mail sent to intern coordinators in Senate offices on Thursday afternoon, Ensign's coordinator Jessica Walton said she is looking to place an unspecified number of the Nevada Republican's interns in other offices."

Video: Air America national correspondent Ana Marie Cox joins Rachel Maddow to talk about the aftershocks going in the Republican Party since Sen. John Ensign, R-NV, revealed he had an extra-marital affair.

Plame-gate still in the news? "A federal judge said Thursday that he wants to look at notes from the FBI's interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney during the investigation into who leaked the identity of a CIA operative," the AP writes. "U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan's decision to review the documents followed arguments by Obama administration lawyers that sounded much like the reasons the Bush administration provided for keeping Cheney's interview from the public."