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Who do Americans trust on health care?

From NBC's James Rankin
The health-care debate remains at the forefront here in Washington, and it's pretty clear that the public is beginning to take sides. In addition to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll yesterday, Gallup released a poll also gauging opinion on health care.  

It measured how much trust Americans place in their government, doctors and private insurers to reform health-care.

A couple of points from the poll: Almost three-quarters (73%) of Americans trust doctors to make the right decisions regarding reform. The Obama administration seems to understand this, given the president's outreach to the American Medical Association. A majority -- 58% -- trust Obama to make those decisions.

But Congress seems to have its work cut out for it, especially the GOP. More Americans trust pharmaceutical (40%) and insurance (35%) companies to reform the health-care system than congressional Republicans (34%).

Congressional Democrats get somewhat better numbers (42%), but certainly nothing to brag about.