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The new influence game: Basketball

From NBC's Alex Beinstein
Per ESPN, the new status symbol in D.C. these days is playing ball with the president.

Among friends and colleagues alike, there is a strong demand to get in on the action. ESPN notes:

"The invites to play with the Baller-in-Chief have been scarce. 'Mostly friends and staff -- the old Chicago crew. 'he only thing that's changed is we're playing at Camp David,' cracks Duncan, who has known the president for years. The secretary and some staff at Interior got a run, as did some old buddies of Love's. Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner got an invitation, as did at least one member of the U.S. House of Representatives. The mayor of Washington got a run. Everyone else is angling. Love apparently keeps a list of names in case he needs extras."

Some other notable attendees include Sen. Bob Casey, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (who is something of a basketball gatekeeper), Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Rep. Heath Shuler.

These games have taken place at many different locations, including Camp David, the Interior Department, Sidwell Friends and The Lab School. 

And "by Executive fiat, the White House tennis court is being retrofitted for basketball."

Start working on those games.