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GOP e-mails hit Obama on Iran, nukes

From NBC's Chuck Todd and Mark Murray
The National Republican Congressional Committee yesterday issued a provocative fundraising email that hit President Obama on the issue of Iran and nuclear weapons. "Iran as a nuclear power. Does that sound appealing to you?" the email asked. "Because it does to President Obama, who, according to The Washington Post, believes that a country flush with oil, '…has legitimate energy concerns, legitimate aspirations.'"

The NRCC, however, omitted Obama's following statement that he wants to prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Here is Obama's full quote, per his interview with the BBC: "Without going into specifics, what I do believe is that Iran has legitimate energy concerns, legitimate aspirations. On the other hand, the international community has a very real interest in preventing a nuclear arms race in the region."

The NRCC email also criticizes the president for not pushing his party to develop more nuclear power for THIS country. From the email: "So to recap, Obama and the Democrats believe an unstable country, which has pledged to wipe  Israel off the map and is awash with oil, has legitimate needs for nuclear power. Yet, America which continues to see rising energy prices, does not need nuclear power." 

*** UPDATE *** These bank-shot issue hits are usually tough to have break through with the public. But with a lot of care and feeding, we could see this hit -- particularly on Obama supporting nuclear energy for other countries, but dragging his feet on it here at home --  breaking through over time. It's an interesting hit, but can the issue get big enough to become effective?