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GOP watch: Mitt's 'hard-hitting' speech

The Boston Globe's lead on Romney's speech yesterday: "In a hard-hitting speech designed to build his credentials as commander in chief before a possible second presidential run in 2012, Romney said Obama has made a 'grave miscalculation' with budget cuts to a strategic missile defense system that would protect the nation and its allies from nuclear threats."

Nevada GOP Sen. John Ensign's stop in Iowa yesterday made the front page centerpiece of the Sioux City Journal with the headline: "Ready for 2012? Ensign: GOP can solve problems." Subheadline: Republican says he's a 'fresh face' but not seeking the White House." The paper's lead: "U.S. Sen. John Ensign's visit Monday afternoon to The Ice Cream Capital of the World Visitor Center in Le Mars looked every bit like a campaign stop, right down to the Fox News camera and boom mike that followed him around. But 'I'm not running for president,' the Nevada Republican said when asked directly if he was. 'I think it's really important the Republican Party has some new, fresh faces.'"

Whoops. Cheney's Osama-Obama mix up: At the National Press Club, Cheney said, per The Hill while speaking about Al Qaeda: "The important thing is that I don't think he can have much impact in terms of managing an organization, because that link between Obama [sic] and the people under him is pretty fragile. I don't think he has the capacity to do as much harm as he did at one point, but we ought to still continue to chase him."