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Court letdown unlikely for liberals

From msnbc.com's Tom Curry
When was the last time a Democratic president nominated a justice who turned out to be real letdown for his supporters? It was almost 50 years ago, and that answer reveals a lot about Supreme Court politics.

It's easy to find examples on the Republican side, especially in the past few decades. During the Reagan and Bush presidencies, conservatives bemoaned the fact that many of the Republican presidents' appointees to the high court turned out be liberals, at least on issues such as gay rights, the death penalty and abortion.

To find the last Democratic nominee to disappoint liberals you have to go back almost 50 years to Byron White, placed on the high court by his friend President John Kennedy in 1962. White turned out to be conservative, at least on abortion and gay rights.

Why the disparity between so many conservative Supreme Court letdowns but few liberal ones?

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