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Congress: Pelosi goes to China

"U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the past one of China's sharpest critics, Tuesday promoted common ground with China in the fight to combat global warming," the Wall Street Journal reports. "'I think this climate crisis is game changing for the U.S.-China relationship. It is an opportunity we cannot miss,' Ms. Pelosi told the U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum, which brings together experts and businesses from both sides to come up with recommendations on climate-change policy." 

"After a politically messy few weeks that forced them to play defense, Democratic leaders will return to work next week hoping to shift attention back on their top priorities -- namely, a universal health care package and a climate change overhaul," Roll Call writes. "Congress enters a two-month legislative sprint starting June 1. But a slew of intraparty squabbles and ongoing controversies over torture and terror threaten to bog down the meat of the Democrats' summer agenda." 
"The congressional drive to bring tobacco under Food & Drug Administration control -- given new life in the Senate last week --  is poised to approach the finish line in the Senate in June, but not without a bipartisan fight from North Carolina's two senators," The Hill reports. 
Immigration reform, meanwhile, could be on the agenda for the fall.