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Weapons bill passes House

From NBC's Luke Russert
There are not many things that all Democrats and Republicans agree on. But today, by a unanimous 411-0 vote, the House of Representatives passed the Weapons Acquisition System Reform Through Enhancing Technical Knowledge and Oversight Act of 2009. The legislation now heads to President Obama's desk, which he will surely sign.

The weapons bill aims to give the government more oversight regarding the specifics of the military's budget in order to curb wasteful spending. Among the reforms within the bill are the following:
-- The establishment of an independent director of cost assessment who would answer to the Secretary of Defense.
-- The bringing about of a more concentrated effort to bring in commanders from the field when discussing what equipment is specifically needed in battle.
-- A mandatory design review before new equipment is actually constructed.

The bill sailed through the Senate by a vote of 93-0. The Congressional Budget Office says the new reforms will cost about $55 million dollars and should be in place by the end of 2010. It is expected that the reforms will save millions if not billions of dollars over the next decade.