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GOP hits Dems on energy -- again

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
House Republicans hit Democrats again on energy legislation currently in the House that they say would amount to a "national energy tax."

It's an argument they've made beforeĀ -- notably two weeks ago when the chamber returned from Easter holiday break. Today, at a news conference following the GOP Conference meeting, Republican leadership promoted its "energy summit" to come up with alternative solutions to, specifically, the Waxman-Markey legislation that has stirred debate even within the Democratic Party.

The GOP has said it's for an "all-of-the-above" approach to energy. It has rolled out members from Oklahoma -- pushing oil, members from West Virginia pushing coal and others promoting off-shore drilling. House Minority Leader John Boehner says the party is for alternative sources as well, but the Democrats' plans picks the "winners and losers" and would have devastating effects on industry in certain states.

In one Bizarro World moment, Boehner found himself defending President Obama from Democratic Appropriations Chairman David Obey, who yesterday demanded the White House issue a report a year from now assessing the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan before approving more funds.

Boehner said he supports Obama's plan for Afghanistan, and that he deserves the country's support and so do the troops.

He added that it is unlikely that military operations in Afhganistan would be over in a year, intimating that Obey's "performance assessment" requirement is unnecessary and unrealistic.