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2009/2010: The Macker's business ties

NEW HAMPSHIRE: "Republicans appear to have landed their top recruit to take on Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.), as Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta continues to take steps toward running," The Hill writes. "Last week, Guinta filed to form an exploratory committee with the Federal Election Commission and, in an interview, said Shea-Porter has fallen out of touch with New Hampshire's fiscally conservative mindset by backing Democratic spending policies."

PENNSYLVANIA: Roll Call cites a Republican aide who says that former Homeland Security Secretary and Gov. Tom Ridge is considering a run for Senate. But it has to be asked, if Arlen Specter changed parties because he felt he couldn't win with a hardened primary electorate, and Ridge didn't make the cut as John McCain's VP because he's pro-choice, then how would Ridge ideologically fit? At least he doesn't have a stimulus vote hanging over his head.

VIRGINIA: Sunday's Washington Post ran a critical front-page story about Terry McAuliffe's business dealings. "Terry McAuliffe has a simple message for Virginia: Elect him governor this year and he will bring jobs, because he has more business experience than anyone else in the race. Yet McAuliffe's business pedigree is not so simple. He is a dealmaker who made millions from investments. And many of his biggest deals came in partnership with prominent donors and politicians, creating a portrait over the years of a Washington insider who got rich as he rose to power within the Democratic Party."

More: "McAuliffe is, at his core, a salesman -- and even called himself a 'huckster' in his autobiography. In his bid for governor this year, McAuliffe is selling the idea that his uncanny knack for making money can bring prosperity to all Virginia. But at a time when public mistrust of millionaires and politicians is high, that strategy could backfire."