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2009/2010: Bunning on the way out?

KENTUCKY: "Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R) has formed an exploratory committee to run for Senate with the consent of his would-be primary opponent, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), sources tell The Hill. Bunning, who has angrily pushed back against talk that he would retire in 2010 at the end of his second term, met with Grayson on Wednesday in Washington. The senator has not announced his 2010 intentions but he made clear to Grayson that he would not begrudge an exploratory committee, a move sources said will allow Bunning to appear as a kingmaker." 
"In making the announcement, Grayson reiterated that he has 'no plans to run against Senator Bunning' -- and one Republican political strategist confirmed Thursday that Bunning did in fact give Grayson the green light to open up an exploratory committee, a clear signal that he does not plan to seek another term in 2010. A second GOP source said Grayson was likely to run now, even if Bunning decides not to retire after all." 
NEW YORK: Here's another bad bit of P.R. for Gov. David Paterson (D), who says he intends to run in 2010. The cover of the New York Post: "PAYOFF! Gov race firing costs NY $300K." "Gov. Paterson, who raised state taxes by $8 billion last month, just cost state taxpayers $300,000 more. The state has secretly settled an embarrassing federal racial-discrimination lawsuit, The Post has learned. The suit accused Paterson, back when he was Senate minority leader in 2003, of firing a white Senate photographer in order to replace him with an African-American."  and

PENNSYLVANIA: "Rep. Joe Sestak, the second-term Pennsylvania Democrat who has been mulling a run for Senate, says he may go ahead and challenge Sen. Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary."