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GOP watch: Nowhere to go but up?

"For Congressional Republicans, these first 100 days of the Obama administration must feel like 1,000," the New York Times noted on Sunday. "Driven deep into the minority, they have run up against a highly popular Democratic president and chafed under the rein of emboldened House and Senate Democrats. They have been marginalized, criticized and categorized as the Party of No."

But: "Only 614 more days until 2010 and a new Congress."

The Wall Street Journal writes about Republicans trying to make a political comeback in New Mexico. "Democrats control both houses of the New Mexico legislature, the governorship, all statewide offices and all the state's congressional seats. But the party has been roiled by scandal in recent years, with a steady drumbeat of corruption investigations, indictments and convictions. 'We're trying to sell the notion to the public that a real two-party system will reduce corruption and allow better oversight,' said Harvey E. Yates, Jr., the new chairman of the New Mexico Republican Party."