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First 100 days: Breaking away from 43

USA Today sees Obama's first 100 days in office as a sharp break from Bush's presidency.
"Bush focused on the Iraq war; Obama has placed more of an emphasis on Afghanistan. Obama wants the government to have a role in reshaping the nation's health care system; Bush preferred to take smaller steps so individuals could buy private health insurance. Then there's personal style; the cool, African-American lawyer from Chicago, and the back-slapping white rancher from Texas. 'It's Mars and Venus,' says Thomas Mann, senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., think tank. 'It's hard to find a more different contrast between the presidents.'"

Video: Jon Meacham and Doris Kearns Goodwin reflect on Obama's first 100 days on "Meet the Press."

E.J. Dionne says Obama defies labels. "Barack Obama is a detached man who has inspired fierce loyalties, and a cool man who has aroused both warm feelings of affection and a fiery opposition. He loves to engage conservatives, yet few of them have chosen to engage him. He is seen as too moderate by parts of the left, but the right thinks he has a radical, statist agenda. Wall Street's critics believe Obama's approach to rescuing the financial system amounts to coddling the bankers and financial scammers who got us into this mess. But many on the Street say Obama doesn't understand them and fear he is a secret populist who would displace finance as the dominant force in the U.S. economy."

The New York Times' Zeleny travels to Anderson, IN to see how Obama's stimulus -- as well as his presidency -- is being received.

The New York Daily News has a list of 100 things that have marked the president's first 100 days.

"There's no way to render a sound verdict in just 100 days," the Daily News adds. "The next three years should settle if the centrist, conciliatory, unifying change Obama promised creates a monumental political shift lasting deep into the 21st century - or if his lofty aspirations overreach and founder. But this we already know: Obama's engaging opening act has captivated most Americans, judging by the polls."

Here's a good Reagan vs. Obama comparison from longtime political veteran reporter Dick Polman.

Check out this Florida-specific article on how Obama has targeted Florida in his first 100 days.

"Dr. Frank Page, one of the key conservative evangelicals on President Obama's Faith Council tells The Brody File that when it comes to the social issues surrounding President Obama's presidency he has been disappointed and not very encouraged by the first 100 days in office."