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Downballot: Lone Wolf Klobuchar

The New York Times, meanwhile, profiles Minnesota's current lone senator, Democrat Amy Klobuchar. "With only one senator to inundate with advice, to seek help from, or to complain about, six times as many people are calling Ms. Klobuchar's offices than before the election. A new telephone system was installed in her Washington office so calls could be routed to more staff members, not just to the front desk, where the ringing never seemed to stop. And Ms. Klobuchar's meetings with advocacy groups -- like those trying to cure diseases, help injured soldiers, or support ethnic groups in Minnesota -- are up 30 percent." 

Meanwhile, Pawlenty says he's not facing DC pressure to act on the Minnesota Senate recount. "Minnesota state law says the state cannot issue an election certificate, signed by the governor and co-signed by the secretary of state, for the winner of a U.S. Senate election if the election is contested. The state Supreme Court confirmed that in a decision last month: The plain language of Minn. Stat. § 204C.40, subd. 2, provides that no election certificate can be issued in this Senate race until the state courts have finally decided the election contest pending under chapter 209. Many, including Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, have interpreted that to mean that an election certificate can and should be issued after an expected state Supreme Court appeal."