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First 100 days: More on the int'l trip

The New York Daily News has an interesting take on Obama's overseas trip: "President Obama's glowing reception overseas was no accident. That's because the new commander in chief's first international tour was as much a campaign swing as it was global summitry. The reason is simple: While Obama and his strategists wanted to come home with some tangible results, they were even more interested in laying the groundwork for bigger prizes later on."

The L.A. Times' Parsons has a good scorecard analysis piece.

Meanwhile, looking ahead at next week's trip to the Summit of the Americas, the New York Times has the news about a leading organization for Cuban exiles calling on the White House to expand relations with the Cuban government. "The proposal stops short of calling for an end to the 47-year-old trade embargo the United States has imposed on Cuba. Mr. Hernandez said the embargo should remain until the Cuban government gives 'more freedom and human rights to people.' But he also described it as 'a symbol' and 'not something that is that important anymore.'"

"In a reversal from the group's founding principles, he said American policy should focus not on sanctions but on proactive policies that direct resources to Cuba."

Look for some major Cuban news before the president leaves for the Summit of the Americas next week.

Also, the Obama administration confirmed it would join the multi-national diplomatic process to deal with Iran, the Wall Street Journal writes.

The AP: "Efforts by the Obama administration to re-engage with Iran advanced a step and skidded backward all in the same day, underscoring the difficulties the new president faces as he tries to improve U.S. relations with its longtime foe."