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First 100 days: The Baghdad surprise

The president surrounded by soldiers reaching for him and taking photos is five columns wide on the cover of the New York Times and also the above-the-fold photo on the cover of the Washington Post
A different photo of troops with outstretched hands to the president is on the cover of the Wall Street Journal
The New York Times' story: "President Obama made an unannounced trip to Iraq on Tuesday, his first visit as commander in chief to the site of one of the two wars he inherited and must now see through to an end."

The Boston Globe: "President Obama drew praise from troops and veterans groups for his surprise visit yesterday to Baghdad, another step in his concerted effort to win the support of the military despite having opposed the Iraq war and never having served in uniform."

The Washington Post: "President Obama declared Tuesday that Iraqis 'must take responsibility for their country' and predicted that the next 18 months will be trying as U.S. troops start to leave a country stymied by security threats and political problems." 
The New York Post's headline: "Barack star!"