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Members of Congress meet Cuban leader

From NBC's Mary Murray, Mike Viqueira and Domenico Montanaro
For the first time since he fell ill in 2006, Cuban leader Fidel Castro met with a delegation of American members of Congress today in Cuba, according to a press secretary for the American Mission in Havana. The news was first reported by the Associated Press.

The office for Rep. Barbara Lee, one of the members of the delegation, however would not confirm that they met with Fidel Castro. Spokeswoman Nicole Williams would only confirm that there will be a news conference about the trip on Capitol Hill today, which according to a press release, will take place at 5:30 pm ET. The release notes that the group met with Raul Castro, the current president, who is Fidel's brother.

Others on the trip, include Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), Melvin Watt (D-NC), Bobby Rush (D-IL), Marcia Fudge (D-OH) and Laura Richardson (D-CA).

*** UPDATE *** The presser was moved up from tomorrow to today. Danny Rotert, a spokesman for Emanuel Cleaver, tells NBC News that he can't confirm one way or the other if the delegation did meet with Castro because it's possible that Castro could have met the delegation at the airport. In that case, the only ones who would really know are the members who are currently in the air.

"We won't know until they land," he said, but he added that since the presser was moved up to soon after when they land, that something news worthy had to have happened.

*** UPDATE 2 *** A spokesman for Richardson says she was one of the three on the congressional delegation to Cuba that met with Fidel Castro.

The other was Barbara Lee, and isn't sure of the other.