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2009/2010: Fundraising takes a hit?

"Political fund raising has suffered a rare decline since Election Day as corporate political-action committees have trimmed campaign donations amid an economic slump," the Wall Street Journal reports. "Contributions from company PACs fell 6% to $8.2 million in the first two months of the year, compared with the same period in 2007." 

ILLINOIS: Some are still raking in the bucks, however. "Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has already raised $1.1 million in the 28 days since he announced he was 'exploring' a run for U.S. Senate."

KENTUCKY: "Less than a week after Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning (R) acknowledged that his first-quarter fundraising was going 'lousy,' his Democratic challenger [Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo] announced that he raised $420,000 in six weeks of campaigning."

NEW YORK: Per NBC's Abby Livingston, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) raised $2.3 million in just two months. "Fundraising is an important metric for Gillibrand, who might have to run three competitive races in the next four years -- the 2010 Dem primary, 2010 general election, and 2012 general election (when the full term of her Senate seat expires)." 

The AP reports, "County Boards of Election in New York's 20th Congressional District can start counting paper ballots Wednesday in the too-close-to-call special election, according to a Supreme Court ruling issued Monday… John Ciampoli, an attorney for Republicans, said he wasn't 'thrilled' with the judge's ruling. Republicans wanted counties to wait to count paper ballots -- including domestic absentee ballots -- until after April 13, the deadline for overseas absentee ballots." 

"Democrats wanted the counting to start immediately, saying it will speed up a decision. Henry Berger, a lawyer for the Democrats, said they're pleased with the order, arguing it wouldn't extend the time it takes to determine the race."

Meanwhile, "Republican James Tedisco is ahead of Democrat Scott Murphy by 97 votes in the 20th Congressional District race, according to unofficial election results. Tedisco has 76,914 votes and Murphy has 76,817, according to the New York State Board of Elections."