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America's pastime and steroids

From NBC's Mark Murray
By now, you've probably realized that your First Read authors are HUGE sports fans. We've discussed our solution to fix the BCS system in college football, and we've also shared with you our NCAA basketball picks (which haven't fared too well, although we do have Carolina winning it all). 

Now as Major League Baseball begins -- and as Vice President Biden and George W. Bush throw out Opening Day first pitches -- we have some interesting numbers, courtesy of a new Marist poll. For starters, 73% of Americans and 70% of self-identified baseball fans say that baseball players who use performance-enhancing drugs shouldn't be eligible for the Hall of Fame.

Also, 47% of Americans say that steroid users' records should be removed from the record books, 31% believe the records should stand but with an asterisk attached, and 15% believe the records should stand like any other record.

And 45% believe that steroids are common practice in baseball, and that number is higher among those under 45 years of age.

What are your thoughts on these questions?