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2009/2010: It's really a tie (for now)

CONNECTICUT: Stu Rothenberg, writing in Roll Call, says: "Move over, Jim Bunning. You have company. Veteran Sen. Chris Dodd (D) should not be vulnerable in his home state of Connecticut… But the darkening cloud that is growing over the Senator's head has changed Dodd's prospects quickly, and the signs already are clear that he'll have the fight of his life next year when he seeks his sixth consecutive term in the Senate."

NEW YORK: The AP on the still ongoing Murphy-Tedisco race. "An already close race in New York's 20th Congressional District is now tied. The state Board of Elections says Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy both have 77,225 votes."

More: "The race will come down to absentee votes. The elections board reports that 3,000 ballots returned so far came from Republicans and about 2,200 from Democrats. Counties also have 940 ballots back from absentee voters not registered as Republicans or Democrats."

VIRGINIA: The Washington Post writes that Terry McAuliffe (D) seems to be borrowing some of the techniques that Obama's successful presidential campaign used. "He is reaching out to new voters, exploiting new technology and casting himself as a fresh-faced outsider. He is not taking any region for granted, is targeting African Americans and is swarming communities with paid organizers. It all bears a surprising likeness to the strategies Obama used so effectively in 2008."

"In his [primary] matchup against Brian Moran and Sen. R. Creigh Deeds for the Democratic nomination, McAuliffe is even replicating Obama's use of a one-word campaign theme. For Obama, it was 'change.' McAuliffe's mantra is 'jobs,' a word he says over and over. To some degree, what McAuliffe is doing is what any modern campaign does: adopting and expanding on the latest innovations."