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DNC goes after Cantor

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The DNC's latest focus House Minority Whip Eric Cantor for his "overreacting" comment. Here's their latest Web video:

Republicans countered yesterday that Cantor's comment was taken out of context, that he wasn't saying that Democrats were overreacting, but that Washington has a penchant for overreacting.

Democrats try to pivot off that, saying that Cantor is downplaying the seriousness of the economic crisis.

*** UPDATE *** Cantor spokesman Joe Pounder sends along this response: "We continue to hope Democrats will start working with Republicans to craft policies that will create jobs and help struggling families rather than producing misleading attack ads that define the very petty politics that President Obama often decries. This is the least we could ask on a day when we were given another stark reminder that our families are hurting in this economy."

Here's the script for "Overreacting":

ANNCR: What Does Eric Cantor Think of Our Response To The Economic Crisis?
CANTOR: Overreacting, if you will
TEXT: "Overreacting, if you will..."
TEXT: Really Eric Cantor?
TEXT: Unemployment at 8.5%
TEXT: 5.1 Million Jobs Lost Since 2007
TEXT: Real Incomes Have Fallen For Middle Class Families
TEXT: 1 In 10 Americans on Food Stamps
TEXT: Worst Economic Crisis in Decades
TEXT: Democrats Have Taken Action To Shore Up Our Economy.
TEXT: What Do You Think About That Eric Cantor?
CANTOR: Overreacting, if you will
TEXT: "Overreacting, if you will..."
TEXT: Did You Offer An Alternative Budget?
TEXT: Did You Support Historic Investments in Health Care, Energy and Education?
TEXT: So Eric, What Has Been Your Reaction To This Economic Crisis?
TEXT: Eric Cantor: Not Reacting. Just Saying No.