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2009/2010: New election for Stevens?

"I don't remove the prospect that [Republicans] could retake control in 2010," the second-ranking Republican [Rep. Eric Cantor] said Thursday.

ALASKA: "Outrage among Republicans is building in Alaska over the Justice Department's apparent mishandling of its prosecution of former Senator Ted Stevens, a Republican, prompting calls for a new election to give him a chance to win back his seat without a legal cloud hanging over him," the New York Times writes.

CONNECTICUT: " Party leaders remain convinced that Dodd has hit his low-water mark with the American International Group bonus controversy so fresh in voters' minds, and they say his numbers are only bound to go back up once he begins campaigning in the state. Plus they hope that Simmons will face a bruising Senate primary against state Sen. Sam Caligiuri -- and possibly well-funded former Ambassador Tom Foley -- which will be a boon to Dodd, since he's unlikely to face a primary challenger himself. On Thursday, Democrats moved swiftly to tamp down dissent within their own party and make clear that Dodd was their candidate."