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First 100 days: News from the G-20

Here is what has already happened today: "President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart agreed Thursday on the need for a 'stern, united' international response if North Korea goes ahead with a planned rocket launch, as Obama juggled that intensifying crisis thousands of miles away and an global effort to fix the sagging economy."

The Washington Post on today's G-20 agenda: "Thursday's all-day opening session is aimed at finalizing the summit's main goal -- a statement of unity by of heads of state in managing the global financial crisis."

And wrapping up yesterday's news… The Washington Post: "President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced the start of negotiations Wednesday on a new strategic arms-control treaty that would cut each nation's long-range nuclear arsenal further than previous agreements, inaugurating what both men indicated would be a more pragmatic relationship than the one their predecessors pursued."

The Wall Street Journal: "President Barack Obama had more success with former Cold War combatants than with some European allies as the Group of 20 summit of world leaders began, starting new talks on arms and trade with Russia and China but facing a challenge from France and Germany over economic leadership."

"President Obama used his first full day in the arena of heavyweight international diplomacy to reveal an ambitious agenda and a new American humility," The Hill reports. "Even as the events in London were marred by violent riots and protocol hiccups, Obama enjoyed a day of meetings with traditional rivals and longtime enemies, the productivity of which surprised even some White House officials."

Obama meets the queen. "Her majesty is delightful," Obama shouted to reporters as he and first lady Michelle Obama left the palace Wednesday night. "It was a wonderful visit," he added.
The New York Daily News: "A big hello from Buckingham Palace." 
The New York Post: "Royalty! And Mrs. Windsor, too."

And Robert Gibbs tells CBN's Brody how the White House folks are trying to be able to watch the Final Four while in Europe.