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Downballot: A decisive ruling?

MINNESOTA: The Star Tribune: "In a potentially decisive ruling, a panel of three judges today ordered up to 400 new absentee ballots opened and counted, far fewer than Republican Norm Coleman had sought in his effort to overcome a lead by DFLer Al Franken. The ballots also appear to include many that Franken had identified as wrongly rejected as well as ballots that Coleman wanted opened." 
"It's not looking good," said a GOP staffer close to Coleman told Politico.

The New York Times: "Ben Ginsberg, a lawyer for Mr. Coleman, disagreed sharply with the court's ruling. 'I just think they're wrong,' he said. 'I think it's wrong to disenfranchise voters. I think it's fundamentally wrong to sweep the problems of this election under the rug.' Mr. Ginsberg said the Coleman campaign planned to appeal the ruling to the Minnesota Supreme Court, but he refused to speculate whether Mr. Coleman would take his appeal to federal courts." 

 The Hill calls the decision "a defeat" for Coleman.