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Republican budget plans

From NBC's Mike Viqueira

House and Senate Republicans will join in a grand show of budget unity tomorrow morning, when they meet in a rare joint confab in the House chamber.

It will happen before the House is open for business, and the chamber will be dark (no pictures or sound). But the idea is for Republican members from both bodies to muster in historic Statuary Hall at 8:45 am ET, where we, your humble narrators, will be afforded the opportunity to see them on camera, then chronicle the moment as they march en masse past those same cameras and into the House chamber.

After the session, they plan to emerge and hold a rally on the east front steps of the House. Time TBA, but probably around 10:00 am ET.

The purpose is to talk about budget. At that point, Rep. Paul Ryan will have his House GOP alternative ready to go, and the presumption is that they will talk about that as well as what Republicans in the Senate have in mind in terms of a strategy to fight back against the Obama administration/Democratic plan.

Meanwhile, the formal public unveiling of the House GOP budget likely happens at 10:30 am ET in the House studio, with Ryan presiding as the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee.