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2009/2010: Dodd and Murphy-Tedisco

The DSCC says it's going to donate that $100,000 in Madoff contributions, after it resisted doing so earlier. 
CONNECTICUT: Chris Dodd leads Rob Simmons in a potential 2010 Senate match-up 45%-40%, per a new Siena poll. In a Quinnipiac poll earlier this month, Dodd had trailed Simmons by a point. The poll also reveals voters are largely split on Dodd's favorability (47% positive, 40% negative). Simmons is largely unknown, but most that did have an opinion expressed a positive one. (By the way, the poll also reveals that 54% view Sen. Joe Lieberman negatively, while only 40% viewed him favorably.) *** CORRECTION *** That Connecticut poll mentioned above is a Research 2000 poll, not a Siena survey. 
NEW YORK: Murphy and Tedisco faced off in their final debate yesterday. "'I think he is better for the dodge ball team, he's a pretty dodger on particular issue,' said Jim Tedisco. 'I guess that how they do things in Albany, what I want to do is solve the problem,' said Scott Murphy."

"It didn't take long. It the last time Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy meet face to face and the last time to trade barbs. 'Either he knew what was in the that bill, he knew those AIG bonuses were in there. There's nobody else to blame,' said Tedisco. 'You can't have it both ways. You can't say that it is pork and then say it is important money we need to get here, and you are fighting to get those dollars here. If it is all pork, you should be against it,' said Murphy."

"This might be a local election but it you won't hear them talking about pot holes on Route 9. It's all about the nation's faltering economy. It's a packed ball room listening at the in Latham Holiday Inn Express heard Murphy continue his solid support of the stimulus."

"The Democratic National Committee will begin airing a 30-second TV ad on Murphy's behalf in the Albany media market Friday. The ad, which will run through Monday, is the national Democratic Party's strongest attempt yet to link Obama with Murphy in the March 31 special election against state Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco (R). But Obama does not speak in the ad. His image appears briefly next to Murphy early in the spot." 
And: "The Justice Department announced Thursday that the special election in New York's 20th district will go ahead as planned next Tuesday -- but that absentee ballots from military personnel stationed overseas must be counted through April 13."