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2009/2010: NY-20 heats up

KENTUCKY: Republicans trying to force Jim Bunning out may be a dose of his own medicine, The Hill points out. Bunning lobbied for Anne Northup over Ernie Fletcher in 2007 for governor, because he wanted "to make sure that we nominate someone who can win in November." 
MICHIGAN: "Domino's Pizza Chairman and CEO David Brandon has been on national television for two weeks touting the 'Big Taste Bailout' in advertisements that are running during top-watched shows like 'American Idol' and the NCAA basketball tournament. The spot, which features both the Capitol and a faux-Wall Street executive, would be great public relations for any company that hasn't received TARP or bailout funding, but they're even better for Brandon. Reports say he's considering joining the already-crowded Republican field running for governor of Michigan." 
NEW YORK: Vice President Biden has cut a radio ad for Scott Murphy (D) in the special congressional election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand. "While Obama is unlikely to appear in New York on Murphy's behalf, Democrats familiar with strategy considerations say the national committee is mulling over spending significantly more money on the race. Biden's radio ad is a major first step, though it's uncertain whether he'll trek up to the district, and first lady Michelle Obama may play a role."

The DNC sent $10,000 for the homestretch, but the Republican National Committee has poured $200,000 into the race." A Democratic official tells First Read, "There are other bolts to come, yet to be fired. Stay tuned."    

Roll Call previews NY-20, which it says is headed for a "photo finish." 
Here's Stu Rothenberg's analysis of NY-20: "Is the special election in New York's 20th district a referendum on the national political environment -- on President Barack Obama, Washington, D.C.'s handling of the American International Group bonus scandal, the economic stimulus package and the national reputations of the two parties? Or, rather, is it about the skills and appeal of the two candidates? It's about both."

VIRGINIA: Let's get ready to rumble… Yesterday, the Deeds, McAuliffe, and Moran campaigns agreed to participate in five upcoming debates (on April 19, April 23, April 28, April 29, and May 19), as well as three additional forums.