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First 100 days: Presser reactions

The Boston Globe says Obama "urged the nation last night to be patient, pledging a presidency of perseverance that he said will eventually result in recovery from the recession."

The Washington Post: "Although he spoke sharply once in response to Republican criticism, Obama struck a tone of common purpose throughout his second prime-time news conference, urging the country to be patient as he works on issues as divergent as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the malign impact of lobbying in Washington."

The New York Times says the Obama who appeared at last night's presser was the "familiar character from early in the campaign. Placid and unsmiling, he was the professor in chief, offering familiar arguments in long paragraphs…Speaking past the reporters in the room to the tens of millions of viewers tuning in at home, he tried to reassure the nation that he could solve the crisis that has gripped the economy for more than a year. 'We're beginning to see signs of progress,' he said, calling for a 'renewed confidence that a better day will come.'"

The Hill: "President Obama said Tuesday night that the budget he has presented to Congress is 'inseparable' from economic recovery and will ensure that the nation does not face a similar economic crisis '10 or 20 years from now.'"

The Wall Street Journal: "Mr. Obama largely focused on defending his domestic economic proposals. He repeatedly took openings to make the case that the government should spend now on renewable-energy development, education and a health-insurance overhaul that would put the economy on a sounder footing once it recovers."

Politico says Obama "made it clear that he believes that his success or failure depends above all on whether he is able to make seismic shifts—and expensive ones—in the nation's health care and energy policies. And he is fairly easy-going about the precise legislative path these initiatives take, or whether certain details fall out along the way."

The AP's Woodward fact-checks Obama's assessments on economic recovery and deficits: "The president's spending plans and deficit projections rest on the assumption that the economy will post solid growth next year after a mild, further decline this year. Many economists think that's too rosy. Obama was more cautious than that in his prime-time news conference -- possibly to the point of having it both ways."

The New York Daily News' cover has the president with the headline: "It's gonna work." Story: "President Obama feels your pain - and your anger -- but that assumes you have any feeling at all after his less-than-electrifying press conference Tuesday night."  and

CBN's Brody writes, "President Obama is like the guy in baseball who always seems to get on base and rarely strikes out. He is what you call a guy with a high on base percentage. At Tuesday's prime time press conference he was at it again. He was hitting singles all night. The guy is methodical. He basically makes his point and moves on and never seems to stumble. Ever."

Salon's Mike Madden: "The press conference … revealed a president who realized the occasion was mostly about talking directly to voters watching at home."

And the Washington Post writes about the reporters asking the questions.