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House to protect budget health care

From NBC's Mike Viqueira

Process alert! But it's important... The House will include a provision in its version of the budget that would protect the president's health-care initiative from a filibuster, according to a very senior House Democrat.

Health care will be the only provision to enjoy such protection, termed, "reconciliation."

It's important because the Senate, where the actual filibusters happen, is not expected to include the procedure in its budget, in part, owing to the fact that many senators, some Dems included, do not think it is appropriate use of the technique.

Republicans have spoken darkly of legislative mayhem as a means of retribution if Dems go down that path.

Both the president and vice president will be here for closed-door meetings today with Democrats. Biden will meet with the speaker at noon.

The respective budget committees meet today to prepare their measures for floor consideration next week.

The House move is intended as a "stick" to get Senate Republicans to the table on health care, according to an aide.