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2009/2010: Tedisco, Murphy debate

The Hill looks at Republicans' chances for the '09 Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races. It calls them "golden opportunities." 
NEW YORK: In the NY-20 special election, Jim Tedisco (R) and Scott Murphy (D) debated last night. "Tedisco sounded off on his experience; 'I am the only candidate in this race with a proven record of public service who has represented upstate New York.' Scott Murphy touted himself a not only a successful business man but also a family man. 'A big part of the reason why I'm running is because of my big family and my ties here,' says Murphy."

More: "The two spoke on a wide range of topics from negative campaign ads, to AIG bonuses and the economy. On multiple occasions Murphy referenced his support of the stimulus bill. 'What I've said from the beginning is that I've got the experience from working with small businesses to get the economy moving first step is President Obama's recovery act.' Tedisco rebutted saying he supports the stimulus bill, but not everything in it."

The hits keep on comin' for Gov. David Paterson. The New York Post has him on the cover: "Gov orders 8,900 layoffs."