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AFL-CIO reacts to Specter

From NBC's Mark Murray
AFL-CIO president John Sweeney released this statement regarding Arlen Specter's decision to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act. "Today's announcement by Sen. Specter -- a sponsor of the original Employee Free Choice Act who voted for cloture in 2007 -- is frankly a disappointment and a rebuke to working people, to his own constituents in Pennsylvania and working families around the country."

Sweeney continues, "The fact is the Employee Free Choice Act has more support than ever -- large majorities in both houses of Congress, the President and Vice President, 73 percent of the public. We will continue to work with Democrats and a number of Republicans to create commonsense solutions to the decades of corporate power. We do not plan to let a hardball campaign from Big Business derail the Employee Free Choice Act or the dreams of workers."