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Backtracking on tax clawback?

From NBC's Mike Viqueira

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that if AIG folks are really coughing up their bonuses, "then we have accomplished what we set out to do."

Recall that it was Pelosi who last week rushed the 90% bonus tax to the floor of the House, only to see congressional ardor for legislation fade this week in the Senate. It now appears that the Senate won't even get to its own version of the "clawback" measure until late in April, after the spring recess.

Pelosi says the goal was "to get the taxpayer money back," yet it is unclear just how much will be returned by AIG bonus recipients.

ON another front, Pelosi is supportive of Geithner's proposal for new power to "unwind" companies like AIG through a broadening of federal power. "It is a good step in the right direction," she said.