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McCain pivots to Afghanistan

From NBC's Mark Murray
During the presidential campaign, one of the biggest foreign policy differences between Obama and McCain was their view about the central front in the war on terrorism -- Obama said it was in Afghanistan/Pakistan, while McCain said it was in Iraq.

McCain, in fact, didn't call for sending more troops to Afghanistan until the very day when Obama unveiled his plan to divert U.S. troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

But now, with troops set to leave Iraq, McCain is focusing on Afghanistan. And he appears to be applying the same rhetoric to Afghanistan that he once saved for Iraq. In a Washington Post op-ed he co-authors with ally Joe Lieberman, the Arizona senator warns the Obama administration to not adopt a "minimalist" approach to Afghanistan.

"Let there be no doubt: The war in Afghanistan can be won. Success -- a stable, secure, self-governing Afghanistan that is not a terrorist sanctuary -- can be achieved. Just as in Iraq, there is no shortcut to success, no clever 'middle way' that allows us to achieve more by doing less. A minimalist approach in Afghanistan is a recipe not for winning smarter but for losing slowly at tremendous cost in American lives, treasure and security."