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GOP Future: CPAC coverage

At CPAC over the weekend, NBC's Abby Livingston reports, Romney won the presidential-preference straw poll for the third straight year, but he received just a tepid reaction when the results were announced. Just 55% said they were satisfied with the potential GOP 2012 field; 44% said they wished the Republicans had a better field.

When Romney returned to CPAC, it was to a place "where his 2008 presidential campaign was both birthed and buried," writes the Boston Globe's Issenberg, who also dubs Romney "a de-facto leader of an out-of-power party and a early, default front-runner for the 2012 nomination."

It's also pointed out that, "Romney appeared to be the subject of an inadvertent tribute by the National Rifle Association, whose exhibition-hall booth shoot-'em-up game 'Varmint Town' evoked Romney's famous 2007 description of himself as a lifelong hunter of 'small varmints, if you will.' An NRA official denied the booth had anything to do with Romney.